About Us

Ultimate Dining Experience.

With an emphasis on creating the perfect ambiance, Bordeaux owner Shai, invested in creating and personalizing each unique and memorable fine dining experience.

A delicately orchestrated balance of upscale, elegant environs, spacious and luxurious seating, and culinary creations par excellence, Bordeaux transports you from the bustling streets of Brooklyn to a tranquil and intimate oasis.

Chef Tal Aboav.

Tal’s passion for cooking developed early, inspired by watching his mother prepare international dishes for her friends. Their kitchen was a melting pot of global cuisines, teaching him the value of diverse culinary experiences. He learned that quality food is essential to good living, and strives to create dishes that are visually pleasing, delicious, vibrant, and nutritious.

He has been cooking his whole life and professionally for the past 17 years. His expertise spans European cuisines (French, Italian, etc.), as well as Kosher, Sushi, Thai, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, New American, Modern Cuisine, Mexican, and Pastry. He trained with renowned chefs like Gordon Ramsay (London), Daniel Pekkaer (El Bulli, Spain), and Eldad Shem Tov (Noma, Denmark). Additionally, he received molecular cooking training and trained as a Pastry Chef at Tadmore Culinary School.

Private Events.

Indulge in the luxury of personalized celebrations at Bordeaux. Our private events offer a bespoke experience tailored to your desires. Whether it’s an intimate gathering or a grand affair, let us create unforgettable moments in our exclusive space. Discover the essence of true hospitality as we cater to your every need, ensuring your event is nothing short of perfection.